How to set your Mity Mite regulator

How to set your Mity Mite regulator

The Grove regulator commonly called the Mity-Mite is a dome loaded type. It uses gas pressure to achieve regulation. Here is how to set it for the outlet pressure you desire.

Allen wretch for upper valves (see diagram). 
Inlet fitting from pressure tank with tank gauge. 
Outlet Tee with pressure gauge and valve. 

To set pressure:
With outlet valve open on the tee, turn inlet pressure on. Pressure must be equal to or higher than set pressure.

No flow should becoming from outlet. If outlet flows, crack outer valve by turning CCW 1/2 turn or so, then turn center valve CW till flow stops.

Bleed on side of regulator should continue to hiss. If no flow occurs, just open outer valve at above.

Now you close output valve and watch the gauge as you very gradually rotate the center valve at the top of the regulator with the allen wretch in a CCW direction. As it turns you watch the outlet pressure gauge.

When you get to the pressure you want, then close center valve on top of regulator then the outer valve as the pressure in still on.

Your valve is set. It can also be set with flow. The difference is small and the static setting should be adequate.

Download the Testing Procedure - PDF format.  You need a PDF Reader to view.