Rattworks H70 I80 and I90 Hybrid Rocket Motors

Rattworks H70 I80 and I90  Hybrid Rocket Motors
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Product ID : ratth70
Manufacturer: RATTWorks Motors
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Rattworks hybrid rocket motors are machined from 6061 T-6 aluminum and anodized for corrosion resistance.
The motor is considered a monocoque design in that the injector acts as the motor grain forward bulkhead as well as acting as the aft bulkhead for the nitrous tank.

Reload kits are available separately.

Components of a RATTWorks motor are:

Motor casing and oxidizer tank, one piece

Floating Injector

Forward Bulkhead

Rear nozzle enclosure


Expendable components of the RATTWorks motor (reload kit) are:

Polypropylene fuel grain
Graphite nozzle
Fill hose (type H 1/8" nylon) 

1/16" compression fitting

Each reload kit includes 3 each of these expendables.



All these motors are works of art! They are well designed,  exquisitely machined, and laser etched.

See how this motor works here, a graphic tutorial by Andrew MacMillen


H70 Motor Specifications:

Diameter: 29mm
Length: 18" (457mm)
Average Thrust: 15.4 lbs. (68.5 N)
Peak Thrust: 34.5 lbs. (153.5 N)
ISP: 167.3 sec.
Burn Time: 2.57 sec.
Weight (Empty): 207.5 g
Weight (Loaded w/o N2O): 251.5 g
Weight (Loaded w/ N2O): 352.7 g
N2O Weight (750 PSI): 0.223 lbs. (101.2 g)
Tank Volume: 8.29ci (135.8cc)

Thrust Curve



I80 Motor Specifications:

Diameter: 29mm
Length: 28.75" (730mm)
Average Thrust: 17.4 lbs. (77.4 N)
Peak Thrust: 36.6 lbs. (162.7 N)
ISP: 168.7 sec.
Burn Time: 4.73 sec.
Weight (Empty): 303 g
Weight (Loaded w/o N2O): 347 g
Weight (Loaded w/ N2O): 553.1 g
N2O Weight (750 PSI): 0.454 lbs. (206.1 g)
Tank Volume: 16.87ci (276.4cc)

Thrust Curve



I90 Motor Specifications:

Diameter: 29mm
Length: 36.25" (921mm)
Average Thrust: 17.0 lbs. (75.8 N)
Peak Thrust: 39.1 lbs. (174.1 N)
ISP: 170.7 sec.
Burn Time: 6.43 sec.
Weight (Empty): 366 g
Weight (Loaded w/o N2O): 425 g
Weight (Loaded w/ N2O): 694.2 g
N2O Weight (750 PSI): 0.593 lbs. (269.2 g)
Tank Volume: 22.05ci (361.3cc)

Thrust Curve

Get the full instruction sheet for this motor here:

Download instructions 960 k pdf



Take a look at a Ratt Reload tutorial here


Here's an interesting test firing:


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