Rattworks L/M Combo Hybrid Rocket Motor

Rattworks L/M Combo Hybrid Rocket Motor
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Manufacturer: RATTWorks Motors
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Components of a RATTWorks motor are:

Motor casing and oxidizer tank, one piece

Floating Injector

Forward Bulkhead

Rear nozzle enclosure


Expendable components of the RATTWorks motor (reload kit) are:

Polypropylene fuel grain
Graphite nozzle
Fill hose (type H nylon) 

compression fitting

Each reload kit, available separately,  includes 1 each of these expendables.



All these motors are works of art! They are well designed,  exquisitely machined, and laser etched.

See how this motor works here, a graphic tutorial by Andrew MacMillen


K240 Motor Specifications:

Designation: K240
Diameter: 2.5" (64 mm)
Length: 35.75" (908 mm)
Average Thrust: 51.5 lbs. (229.0 N)
Peak Thrust: 124.3 lbs. (553.1 N)
ISP: 145.4 sec.
Burn Time: 8.05 sec.
Weight (Empty): 1304 g
Weight (Loaded w/o N2O): 1621 g
Weight (Loaded w/ N2O): 2838.6 g
N2O Weight (750 PSI): 2.682 lbs. (1217.6 g)
Tank Volume: 99.7ci (1633.8cc)

Thrust Curve



L600 Motor Specifications:

Designation: L600
Diameter: 2.5" (64 mm)
Length: 42" (1066 mm)
Average Thrust: 639.4 N
Peak Thrust: 2071.7 N
ISP: 170 sec.
Burn Time: 7.1 sec.
Weight (Initial): 2200 g
Weight (Recovery): 2064 g
Tank Volume: 1858 cc

Thrust Curve



M900 Motor Specifications:

Designation: M900
Diameter: 2.5" (64 mm)
Length: 72" (1828 mm)
Average Thrust: 626.5 N
Peak Thrust: 1945.28 N
ISP: 170 sec.
Burn Time: 12.3 sec.
Weight (Initial): 3288 g
Weight (Recovery): 2789 g
Tank Volume: 3716 cc

Thrust Curve


Get the full instruction sheet for these motor here:

K240 Assembly Instructions (4,857 KB PDF)


L600/M900 Assembly Instructions (593 KB PDF)



Take a look at a motor reloading tutorial here


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