I Still Have All My Fingers by Dan Pollino

I Still Have All My Fingers by Dan Pollino
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What's important when building a rocket from scratch? How about high performance, ease of construction and safety. Let's face it; nobody wants to lose a limb. With over fifteen years experience building rockets, Dan Pollino's latest manual makes this seemingly daunting project simple. You'll learn such fundamental tasks as:

  • Making the rocket body from a drain pipe
  • Making the nosecone from a plastic wine glass
  • Making a piston that ejects the parachute without scorching it
  • Making an electromechanical apogee detector
  • Making the nozzle with cement and a steel washer
  • Making the fuel from ordinary sugar

You can do it! With this book anyone can construct a high-quality rocket capable of reaching four hundred miles-per-hour and attaining an altitude of six thousand feet without a machine shop, or even special tools. Free bonus chapters including making the launch rail, making the ignition controller and launching the rocket multiple times are available online. 
In this easy-to-understand guide you'll find step-by-step instructions to building the perfect rocket without injuring yourself or your wallet. I Still Have All My Fingers is the rocket building bible amateur rocket enthusiasts have been waiting for. 
Dan Pollino's rockets have been featured on G4 TV's "It's Effin Science." His website InverseEngineering.com focuses on amateur rocketry in California.


Here is a video of the UC San Diego team test firing a K450 motor:



Thanks to Nico Montoya and his team for the video!

Three images from the book




April 26, 2011

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Reviewed by wncranger
02/16/2012 - 06:16:05 PM
A Must Have
You wouldn't think a sugar rocket could be so powerful or stable, for that matter. How many anecdotal stories have you heard about "rocket candy motors" that CATO? Well, Dan put in many, many hours researching, developing and testing (and testing, and testing, ...) in order to create a motor and propellant which is both powerful, stable and easy to formulate and manufacture SAFELY! The book guides you step by step with plenty of photographs along the way. Dan is also easy to get in touch with. He's only an email away if you ever have a question or just want to talk rockets. This book, AND his others, are a MUST HAVE. Highly, HIGHLY recommended!