O-Ring Speed Lubricators

O-Ring Speed Lubricators

A new speedy method of lubricating o-rings, gaskets and small parts. Simply place o-rings or gaskets between foam pads and twist cover 1/2 turn a couple of times. You have just lubricated the o-rings - It's that fast!



Silicone Lubricants will not deteriorate Rubber!

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Model #2.5 will lubricate o-rings up to 2 1/2" in diameter. The foam pads are saturated with grease. Properly lubricated 0-rings will keep out moisture, dust, and will maintain vacuum in evacuated watches or your other fine product. Great for use on rubber or plastic. Rubber will not deteriorate! There is sufficient grease impregnated in the foam pads to lubricate hundreds of o-rings. 

For general grease applications we use and recommend the Model 2.5-747, this is our biggest seller.  For lower temperature applications we suggest the Model #2.5-33

Available stock in the following greases:

Model# 2.5-33 - Dow-Corning #33

Model# 2.5-747 - Dow-Corning #747

Dow-Corning© #33

#33 is an extreme low temperature Lithium-Silicone Grease Operating Temperature Range: -100 F to +355 F Lubricant for lightly loaded ball bearings, instrument lubricant. Terrific for use on metal, plastic, and rubber; particularly good on equipment that operates over a wide temperature range. Great for paint ball markers as the grease won't freeze up like other lubricants. Resists oxidation, moisture, corrosive atmospheres, wide service temperature range, good plastic and rubber lubricity. Applications: Lubricating freezer cart casters, cold room conveyor equipment, meters, electric clock motors, plastic sleeve bearings, air control valves, switch mechanisms. Also for carbonic service, liquid air, cryogenic apparatus, and general extreme cold applications. In paintball markers DC #33 is the lubricant of choice due to its extreme cold capabilities.

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Dow-Corning© #7

#7 is resistant to oxidation, thermal degradation and a broad range of chemicals. #7 is an excellent mold release for all applications where silicone release agents are appropriate. Operating Temperature Range: -70 F to +400 F Because #7 is inert to rubber and other elastomers it is particularly useful for lubricating O-rings, gaskets, and seals in pumps, mixers, valves, electrical connectors, splices, terminations, switch gear, battery terminals, auto ignition components, a myriad of other electrical devices - and it seals out moisture. Applications: In ovens, fan bearings and a variety of other high temp applications #7 exhibits superior stability, durability and high resistance to washouts in waterproof applications. Perfect for gun slides and trigger mechanisms in all firearm applications.

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