G Switch Type Two
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This switch can be useful for arming or firing second stages, beginning a recovery sequence, serving as a telemetry marker, or other uses up to your personal ingenuity.
It is a well controlled button switch which has a useful extension to which an intertial weight can be attached.
A weight of 5 grams (a USA Nickel) will trigger at 28 g's, ten grams at 14 g's, 20 grams at 7 g's, etc.
It will respond to a g force in one axis only.
Generally, the switch is about 1/2 inch square and 1/2 inch in overall height but may vary in actual dimensions depending on switches on hand.

Add your own inertial mass.

Science Experiment:

Figure out your own requirements using Newton's Second Law, F=m*a

Where F is force in Newtons

Mass is in Kg

A is in m/s/s.

Multiply whatever G you want by 9.8 to convert G's into m/s/s (1 G = 9.8 m/s/s)

Here is a handy web based calculator to help you.

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