We Buy Surplus Aerospace Components

Got Something You're Interested in Selling or Trading?

We buy used and surplus aerospace components and hardware constantly.  If you've got something kicking around in the garage or shop, maybe an LR-201 or some kind of turbopump or just a hunk of metal that looks technical and cool, give us a call.  If you have a data sheet, label, original packing slip, nameplate so much the better. 

Take a picture and send it to us, we can turn your titanium trash into cash.

Here's a shortlist of what we're looking for:

  • ramjets of any kind
  • rocket motors, new or fired
  • auxilliary power units
  • FFAR or HVAR motor cases
  • pressure vessels, spheroidal or oblong
  • high pressure pumps
  • high pressure valves - solenoid or mechanical
  • high pressure regulators
  • cryogenic and room temperature oxidizer storage and handling equipment
  • avionics, radar, HUD, night vision, telemetry, gyros, and other electronics
  • test stand equipment - rocket or jet propulsion
  • filament winding equipment
  • graphite, kevlar, fiberglass, zylon fabrics, tapes, and tows
  • Pilot breathing air equipment
  • Pressure suits
  • ejection seat components
  • unobtanium bits and pieces - will accept handwavium if documented

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