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73" Ballistic X-Form Parachute

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This is one robust X-form parachute!

Also known as crossforms, these parachutes come from a demil'd application, most likely as a retardation device for a mine or torpedo airdropped at very high speeds. The suspension lines are 3/4" tubular nylon and are sewn completely over the canopy. We're talking rugged here, but lightweight. Each suspension line culminates in a nylon sleeved eyelet. Every hem is double stitched to tubular nylon. Arms of X-Form are joined with tubular nylon completely encircling canopy.

Pricing and online ordering

Guaranteed to be shred proof at speeds up to Mach 1.1!

Aerocon is offering a double your money back guarantee on this parachute. If this chute shreds at speeds up to and including Mach 1.1 we will pay you twice the cost of the parachute. Deployment speeds must be logged by a recognized flight computer capable of storing acceleration data. Logged flight file and supporting pictures must accompany claim.

Parachute Stats:
Suspension lines - 108" x 12 each
arm width - 19"
arm length - 27"
canopy material - ripstop nylon

Lines and Bag

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Gene and Julie

recovery 2

Aerocon Ballistic X-form recovery system used by

Gene Nowaczyk's Big Adventure Project

BALLS 2006 Flight to 100K Feet

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