speedy o-ring lubricator

Using the Aerocon O-Ring Speed Lubricator

A quick twist of the lid perfectly and evenly lubricates any O-ring or gasket with Silicone lubricant which is guaranteed not to deteriorate rubber

Custom labels available on request

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1. Install your O-rings that need to be lubricated.
See how dry and dusty these rings are? No shine to them at all. We have two O-rings installed in this image, one 1/8" x 2" and one 3/8" x 1.25"

2. Reinstall the cap.

3. Give the cap a couple of half turns.

4. The result is perfectly lubricated O-rings
Now look at them shine!  Just the right amount of grease.


Works great on screws!

Even bolts!

Lubricate as many O-rings as will fit in the case at one time, no more greasy fingers. For larger O-rings, those up to 5" diameter, fold in half and fit into case.

Lubricating odd shaped gaskets was never easier.

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