Black Powder Ejection Charge Holders

Black Powder Ejection Charge Holders
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2mL Vials - Product ID: BPSMALL

Shown Above

Each 2 mL vial holds approximately 2.0 grams of ffffg black powder, oddly enough mL and gram are fairly close in measure so you can also use it as a measuring scoop. This size is suitable for most 5" diameter and under airframes with a normal recovery section.

To use, simply snip off the bottom with a pair of nippers or wire cutters, insert electric match, seal with tape or glue, pour in the black powder, and snap shut. Piece o' cake.

15 vials per package


7 mL Vials - Product ID: BPMEDIUM


Medium Economy Size

Each 7.0 mL vial holds about 7 grams of ffffg black powder.  Perfect for 6 and 7.5" airframes.  Screw or snap cap top for positive seal.

These vials are about .5 inch in diameter by 2.0 inches long.

To use, simply poke a hole in the bottom with something pointy, insert electric match, seal with tape or hot melt glue, pour in the black powder, and snap shut.  Easy peasy.

15 vials per package


Large Economy Size - Product ID: BPLARGE


Large Economy Size

These polyethelene test tubes hold lots o' black powder for your larger projects.  The caps are removable.  Either drill out the cap or the rounded end to insert your electric match, tape or hotmelt glue in place, fill with BP and install wadding, then install in airframe.  If a shorter tube is desired simply score and break tube as shown in the uppermost image. 

For a really slick system, drill the tube as shown in the lowest image and cover with clear tape.  These drilled ports act as burst diaghrams and substantially reduce the amount of charring to your recovery system.  This also keeps the cap from becoming a projectile within the airframe.

10 vials per package

Large Vials also make a great projectiles in 3/4" PVC pipe blow guns!

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