Ferretdyne Bipropellant Rocket Motor

Ferretdyne Bipropellant Rocket Motor
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Introducing the LR45 Bi-Propellant Rocket Engine. 

This thruster has been in development since 1995 as a tool for schools, universities, and other organizations as a method of exploring the fundamentals of rocketry.

The LR45 rocket engine is a film cooled bipropellant electrically fired rocket motor.  It operates on a specially formulated isopropyl alcohol  fuel/coolant and liquid Nitrous Oxide as oxidizer. The oxidizer is a nitrous oxide pressure cylinder commonly used in making whipped cream and is readily available in 8 gram cylinders. Both propellants are pre-pressurized eliminating the need for a pressurizing system.

Test firings shown above were performed at sea level where the thrust is approximately 4.5 Newtons in force, about one pound force.  The mach diamonds in the exhaust stream are clearly visible.

The engine must be operated with a start-up and shut-down electronic interface and is therefore only supplied in turn-key packages. A turn-key system is comprised of one LR45 rocket engine, valves, plumbing, and ignition control unit.  

Larger Versions:

This engine can be upgraded to systems providing up to 7000 Newton-Seconds total impulse. The total impulse accuracy is approximately + 1 Newton for an average 20 seconds burn.  In these larger formats the engine has operated for up to 8 minutes per unit and over 100 minutes for a series. Sensors can be installed to detect initial temperature, ignition, over-temperature and cooling system status.

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