Lubricant On A Stick

Lubricant On A Stick

Lubricant on a Stick - A handy supply of our popular lubricant in an easy to use form.


This is a 1" diameter open cell circular foam swab bonded to a maple stick that has been impregnated with silicone lubricant.

Ideal for use on sealing jaws of impulse bag sealing machines. A light swipe of the LS747 "Lubricant-on-a-Stick"© leaves a coating of #7 lubricant on the Teflon fiberglass jaw covers. This light coating prevents your poly bags and tubing from sticking to the sealing jaws.

We keep one in a bag pinned next to each impulse sealer in the shop for handy periodic lubrication - just a swipe is good for oodles of bags.


"Lubricant-on-a-Stick"© can also be used to reach into equipment and wipe a coating of silicone into o-rings or any other surface that needs a superior lubricant.

Great for use on watch back covers without removing the o-rings.

This handy swab is perfect for lightly lubricating sticking weather-stripping around the house and in the car. A swipe of the pad on rubber parts keeps your weather-stripping from sticking to glass or metal surfaces, especially important on today's cars with tight seals.

Check out the variety of greases available to determine which syringes best suit your application. For general grease applications we use and recommend the Model LS747, this is our biggest seller.