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DOA - Dioctyl Adipate

Used as a plasticizer for HTPB compositions, it makes the end product softer, more flexible, and reduces the glass transition temperature (temperature at which the resin becomes glass-like, a bad thing). This additive makes HTPB compositions easier to process since the plasticized mixture is of a lower viscosity than a mixture without. Compatible with both HTPB and PBAN.

8 Ounces

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Dioctyl adipate or DOA is a plasticizer. DOA is a diester of adipic acid and two equivalents of n-octanol. Its chemical formula is C22H42O4.

DEHA is sometimes incorrectly called dioctyl adipate.

DOA features flexibility at low temperatures, good electrical properties, good resistance to weathering, and good stability to heat. DOA is used to produce clear films for food packaging applications. In addition, it is compatible with nitrocellulose, ethyl cellulose, most synthetic rubbers, and high-butyryl cellulose acetate butyrates. Short chain esters are used as high-boiling, biodegradable, low-toxicity solvents and antiperspirants. Long chain esters of adipic acid are used as lubricants for the functions of stability, superior lubricity, corrosion protection, biodegradability, and excellent performance at both high and low temperatures. Adipic acid esters (C5 - C10) are used as low-temperature-resistant and low-viscosity plasticizers for polymers and cellulose esters.

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