Paintball Accessories


Paint Ball Repair, Fill System, and Fill Station Components

All Aqua Environment components are rated for 6,000 PSI (414 BAR) and are made from gold anodized 6061 T-6 aluminum.

Since they're designed for use in rated breathing air and commercial diving applications they meet the highest standards of manufacture, quality control, and durability. What this means to you in the field is this stuff is tested and it's tough. As long as you supply clean, dry air to these components they'll work as long and hard as you do.

We also stock Dow 33 Low Temperature Grease in a handy syringe and a speedy o-ring lubricator package.

Below is a table of Aqua Environment High Pressure Air and Gas components most commonly used by the Paint Ball industry in Cascade Fill Systems and User operated Fill Stations.

Model No. Classification / Use Model No. Classification / Use
  Back Pressure Regulators   Flow Restrictors (prevents Hot Fills)
211 1/4" Priority valve 796 1/4" Flow Limiter
635 1/2" Higher flow priority valve   Sequence Valves - for Cascade Fill Banks
  Regulators 1018 1/4" Sequence Valve
415 1/4" Hand Load Regulator 1085 1/4" Sequence Valve - High Flow
1120 1/4" Compact Hand Load Regulator   Toggle Valves
1247 1/4" Compact Inline Hand Load Regulator 816 2 way Toggle (unvented)
  Bleed and Check Valves 816V 3 way Toggle (vented - typcial for fill station)
712 1/4" Inline bleed valve   Filters and Moisture Indicators
1584 1/4" Right angle bleed valve 1397 Tee Filter
955 1/2" Check Valve 585 Sight Glass with Moisture Indicator
684 1/4" Check Valve    


Photos courtesy Bardstown Fire Department, 4 bank 4500 PSI with two filling stations

211 priority valves on top, 415 regulator to the right, 1018 sequence valves between 211's and bottles

Closeup of 1018 Sequence valves

Closeup of 211 Priority valves and 415 regulator

4 bank, 8 bottle cascade