Remove Before Flight Flags -

We stock the largest assortment of warning streamers and remove before flight flags on the net.

These flags are generally made for use in the aviation and aerospace industry but they find uses in other businesses and with private users. You would be surprised to find out how many different enterprises use our flags - Fire stations, factories, refrigerated delivery services, special effects houses, riggers, and more. 

Remove before flight flags, or warning streamers, are primarily a reminder for ground personnel to remove or disconnect a component involved with the landing gear, external stores, payload, flight control surface or instrument.

Our flags are used by frozen goods companies to remind the drivers to disconnect their freezer trucks before leaving the plant. Firestations use these flags to help firefighters to remember to disconnect their engines from shore power before leaving the station. Manufacturing plants use the flags in lock-out/tag-out applications to protect machinery and their users.

There are many different applications for custom lettered flags.

Custom flags in your choice of lengths, color, and copy are available in many styles, see below. There are a wide variety of remove before flight flags, flags with hooks, lanyards, retaining pins, keepers, spring clips, double end grommets, no grommets, and on. If you have a special order please don't hesitate to contact us with your drawings or specifications.

• Custom Flags Styles Available •

PVC Coated Nylon custom flags are available in our
RBF-1, RBF-2, RBF-5, and RBF-6, RBF-7, and RBF-8. Minimum order is 50 flags plus a $35 silk screen artwork charge.

Custom flags in RBF-3 style plastic laminate flags are available also, minimum quantity is 20 flags. There is a $20 charge for artwork.

Custom flags in our keychain style grosgrain nylon webbing RBF-4 and RBF-4b are available. Minimum order for the RBF-4 is 200 flags plus a silk screen artwork charge. In the case of RBF-4B the minimum purchase is 500 flags plus an embroidery setup charge.

Please contact us for minimum quanties and turnaround time.

• List of Available Flags by National Stock Number •

Flags shown in black are stock items

Flags shown in RED are available by special order

NAS1091 -33, -39, -45, -57, -63
NAS1091A -30, -36, -42, -48, -54, -63
NAS1091A -30H, -36H, -42H, -48H, -54H, -60H
NAS1756 -12, -18, -24, -36, -48, -60
67B45304 -10, -20, -30, -40, -50
67D34391 -1, -3, -5, -7, -9
MS51700 -12, -24, -36, -48