Silicone Oils

Silicone Oils

Dow-Corning© 200 Silicone oil is a synthetic, slippery, tough, and tacky oil that never crystallizes, hardens, or evaporates. Dripper bottles contain 4 mL of Dow-Corning© 200 Silicone Oil in your choice of 3 viscosities which are measured in centistokes (CS). The smaller the number the lighter or less viscous the oil.

Silicone Oil is used by watchmakers, clock repairers, jewelers, dentists, skiers, paintball enthusiasts, mechanics, and home owners just to mention a few applications.

Features and Benefits of Silicone Oil:

  • Clear
  • Incompressible
  • Nontoxic
  • High Dielectric strength
  • Non-bioactive
  • High Oxidation Resistance
  • Non-greasy
  • High Shear Strength without Breakdown
  • Resists Rancidification
  • High Water Repellency。

Dow Corning © 200 Fluid Dow Corning © 200 Fluid is a polydimethylsiloxane polymer that is clear, essentially nontoxic, nonaccumulating, nonbioactive, nongreasy, and nonocclusive. It is impervious to rancidification, nonstinging on skin, tasteless, with a soft feel and subtle skin lubricity. The 200 fluid has low temperature serviceability, low toxicity, low vapor pressure, good heat stability, and good leveling characteristics with easy rubout. The addition of Dow Corning© 200 to dry or stiff mixtures eases mixing and decreases the amount of time and effort necessary to completely blend individual components into homogenous compounds.

Dow Corning © 200 Fluids typical end uses include:

  • Coatings ingredient mixing facillitator
  • Elastomer and plastics lubricant
  • Electrical insulating fluid
  • Foam preventative or breaker
  • Household products ingredient
  • Mechanical fluid
  • Mold release agent
  • Personal care product ingredient
  • Polish ingredient
  • Specialty chemical product ingredient
  • Specialty cleaner ingredient
  • Surface active agent

Dow Corning© 200 Fluids, when compared with other materials that may be substituted in a given application, may offer one or more of these comparative characteristics:

  • High compressibility
  • High damping action
  • High dielectric strength
  • High oxidation resistance
  • High shearability without breakdown
  • High spreadability
  • High temperature serviceability
  • High water repellency
  • Low environmental hazard
  • Low fire hazard
  • Low odor
  • Low reactivity
  • Low surface energy

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