Altimeter One by Jolly Logic

Altimeter One by Jolly Logic

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A rechargeable digital altimeter that reports the peak altitude of flight on an LCD display. Its tiny size and rugged construction have helped to propel its use beyond model rockets and planes to kites, balloons, falconry, and other sports and activities.

The Jolly Logic AltimeterOne has been approved by the National Association of Rocketry for use in rocketry competitions.

Because of its rugged design, the AltimeterOne can ride almost anywhere. Here are some of the more interesting ways in which the AltimeterOne has been used:

» Clipped to the outside of a high power pyramid rocket (next to the engine exhaust nozzle!)
» Tethered to the leg of a hunting falcon.
» On board high-altitude balloon flights.
» As an on-screen altitude display in RC planes.



  • » Highly accurate 19-bit barometric pressure sensor can detect altitude changes of less than one foot
  • » LCD display clearly indicates maximum flight altitude
  • » Advanced rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery lasts for hundreds of launches
  • » Recharges in less than 2 hours from any standard USB port, no cable necessary!
  • » Highly accurate pressure sampling over 20 times/second
  • » Power button turns device ON/OFF and RESETs the display between flights
  • » Automatically powers down to conserve power
  • » Handy tether point allows secure attachment, or independent streamer recovery
  • » Rugged fiberglass and ABS construction to survive crashes
  • » New! “Current Altitude Mode” displays current altitude in real-time


Size 0.47″ x 0.64″ x 1.93″ 12mm x 16.3mm x 49mm
Weight 0.24 ounces 6.7 grams


Max Altitude (above sea level) 29,500 feet 9,000 meters
Precision Nearest foot below 10,000
Nearest 10 feet above 10,000 feet
Nearest 0.3 meter below 1,000 meters
Nearest meter above 1,000 meters


AltimeterOne User Guide

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