G Switch Type One

G Switch Type One

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The unit looks like a miniature 22 shell. 

The flange on the unit indicates the aft end of the switch. 

If used in a body under acceleration (or deceleration) such as a rocket, car, or airplane the switch would react to the force of gravity and close its contacts.


For typical rocketry applications, starting a timer or make-wire or break-wire initiation, the 2.1g switch is the most appropriate and widely used switch.


g switch one

We have also seen the .5g switch used in racing applications as a brake light component.  Rather than using a switch under the brake pedal the .5g switch is mounted in a box covered with red LEDs on the rear of the vehicle with a battery pack.  

As the switch closes when exposed to negative gs the LEDs light up as a normal brake light would.


Part # G Switch Type One
Mil-Spec Hardware Rated for 50,000 G's
Package Hermetically sealed TO-18 axial lead
Dimensions 0.43"x0.19"
Weight < 2.0 grams
Direction Linear
Activation Level in g, +/- 10% (select from above drop down menu)
.5g, 2.1g, 2.1g NC, 5.5g, 44g, 100g, 230g, 654g, 1044g, 3500g
Contacts Normally Open (Normally Closed - model "2.1g NC" only)
Contact Rating 250mA at 24 VDC < 10Ohms
Insulating Resistance 30 MOhm minimum
Operating Temp. -65deg F to +185deg F

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