Horizontal/Vertical Test Stand to 1500 LB-f Thrust
Horizontal/Vertical Test Stand to 1500 LB-f Thrust  Horizontal/Vertical Test Stand to 1500 LB-f Thrust  Horizontal/Vertical Test Stand to 1500 LB-f Thrust 

Horizontal/Vertical Test Stand to 1500 LB-f Thrust

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The motor slides back and forth under thrust on 4 custom Delrin sliders.  Since the load cell only deflects a couple of thousandth inches, the sliders need only move an 1/8" or so.

The angled braces are each rated for 1,200 pounds force each.  That coupled with the corner bracing the stand could probably take 2,500 pounds force, we recommend no more than 1500 LB-F.

We have designed our test stand to use 38mm, 54mm, 75mm, and 98mm motors.

The stand is shown in two of the alternate images with a 38mm installed motor , it looks pretty small in the test stand.  The tubing clamps can be stowed on the unistrut out of the blast radius when not in use. In order to make the 38mm motor mate with the load cell the plate the cell is mounted on has to be loosened and positioned.  Simply drop the plate about 1" then retighten the 2 bolts holding it in place. Alternately an extension can be installed on the load cell to mate with the aft end of the 38mm motor.

Most of the bolts on the stand are the same so only a crescent wrench is needed to make adjustments and to change motor configurations.  The tubing clamp nuts are installed finger tight only. Originally the stand was designed for vertical firing of small liquid rocket motors.  The 12 x 12 inch foot print and lineal footage of strut available for mounting hardware makes it ideal for this application.  A couple of guy wires to steady the stand and two stakes should secure it in place nicely.  

Laying the stand down you have a terrific horizontal test stand that is robust, easily adjustable, and will take any diameter motor with the addition of the appropriate diameter tubing clamp.

Total weight of the stand is about 55 pounds, figure 60 pounds shipped.

The following options are available from the drop down menus above:

Add 2 ea 38mm motor clamps

Add 2 ea 54mm motor clamps

Add 2 ea 75mm motor clamps

Add 2 ea 98mm motor clamps

Add standard load cell mount (Standard load cell mount fits our 500 kG load cell.)

Add custom load cell mount, we will fabricate a mount for your single point shear beam load cell.  Other load cell types on request.

Allow 10-14 days for production.

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