Lake Axial Solenoid Valve

Lake Axial Solenoid Valve

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For over 20 years Lake Axial Solenoids from Lake Products have served the automotive, heavy equipment, airline, aerospace industries. 

Lake concentric solenoid valves permit fluids to flow straight through the coil. Prime advantages are: compact size, low current, low power consumption, low heat rise, rapid cycling rate, inline self-supported installation, elimination of packing glands, diphraghms and gaskets, and exceptionally long life under adverse conditions.

These valves have been used successfully by military and industrial users both foreign and domestic for the past forty years. All internal parts are either stainless steel or electroless nickel plated, making them usable with air, inert or fuel gases, water, gasoline, mineral or vegetable oils, organic solvents and many semi-corrosive solutions.

They are the most compact, lowest dissipation valves for their flow and pressure class today, yet they are available in high quality at low cost.

This line of compact yet rugged solenoid actuated valve is the most efficient and cost effective solenoid of its kind.  It is able to withstand high vibration loading and operating temperatures yet still function due to its unique construction and epoxy filling.

Incredibly easy to service, the only repair tools required are a crescent wrench and a blade type screw driver.

Standard applications include directional control valves, fuel injection, hydronic heating, semi-gas, liquid lines, vapour suction, gas discharge.

Chloro fluorinated, ecological refrigerants, Ammonia.
Water, air, light oils, light fuels, steam, all non-corrosive gases, natural gas, propane, butane, manufactured gas, LPG.

FAST - SIMPLE - CHEAP You get all 3 with a Lake Valve!
Valve Type Axial 2 way valve, Normally Closed
PSI Operating Range vacuum to 1,000 PSI
Orifice Diameters 3/64ths to 3/16ths
.047" to .188"
Connector Options Bendix
Vinyl and Teflon Wire leads - 6" to 60'
Custom - available on request
Plunger Tip Material Buna-N
Bronze Filled Teflon
Custom - available on request
Medium Gas or Liquid
O2 Clean Available
Duty Cycle Intermittent
Plunger Body Material Brass - Under 100 PSI
Stainless - Over 100 PSI
DC Voltages 3 to 48 volts
AC Voltages 110 and 220 volts
Current Draw Varies with model, .5 amps to 20 amps
Body Material Nickel Plate 416 Stainless
Custom - available on request
Fittings Inlet must be 1/4NPT
1/8 or 1/4 NPT - Male or Female Outlet
VC, AN, Metric, custom on request
Stock Sizes and Voltages

Model 44058
20 psi, 12V, 5.5 amps, 0.0937" orifice, 
1/4NPT in, 1/4FNPT out
185 grams

Model 4158 
50 psi, 12V, 1.5 amps, 0.125" orifice, 
1/4NPT in, 1/8FNPT out
298 grams

Model 4496
90 psi, 12V, 1.5 amps, 0.0938" orifice,
1/4NPT in, 1/8FNPT out
185 grams

Model 45134
100 psi, 12V, 1.5 amps, 0.125" orifice,
1/4NPT in, 1/4NPT out
298 grams

Model 45133
500 psi, 12V, 1.5 amps, 0.125" orifice,
1/4NPT in, 1/4NPT out
298 grams

Model 45103
1000 psi, 12V, 8.4 amps, 0.0469" orifice,
1/4NPT in, 1/4NPT out
298 grams

Model 44044, 44045, 44046
10 psi, voltage varies 12-24V
Available by special order, 2-3 week lead time but it may be in stock, give us a call
298 grams

Model 4531
20 psi, 12v, .75 amps, 
1/4FNPT in, 1/8MNPT out
Available by special order, 2-3 week lead time
298 grams

Model 44058
850 psi, 12V, 4.6 amps, 0.1" orifice,
1/4NPT in, 1/4NPT out
Available by special order, 2-3 week lead time
298 grams

Quantity pricing available on request



What makes the Lake Axial Solenoid Valve work?



This is the solenoid in the OFF position. 
The light blue plunger is held against the the seat
by spring pressure and the high pressure gas cannot flow.



Here the solenoid is in the ON position.
The light blue plunger is magnetically pulled away from the seat
and the high pressure gas flows to the Low side.



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