21 ft to 28 ft Man-Rated Parachutes

21 ft to 28 ft Man-Rated Parachutes

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C-9 28 foot Diameter Parachute and others

Still used today by many military paratroopers and in some ejection seat systems.  While the parachute is airworthy it has not been inspected by a certified rigger and is not rated for manned flight.   This parachute is in new condition circa 1998, intact with all suspension lines and riser attachments. 

Chute weighs 13 pounds.  I've stuffed them into 5.5" diameter by 48" long deployment bags for sounding rocket projects so I know that's possible, a struggle, but possible.



Also available for purchase, until sold out, are the following parachutes:

24' diameter parachute with white and red alternating gores

21' diameter yellow parachute

25' diameter white parachute with orange skirt

- in operation, Denmark skydiver test drop of onboard reefing system for rocket payload -

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