Alloy Products Stainless Steel Pressure Vessel

Alloy Products Stainless Steel Pressure Vessel

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UN and DOT Rated Pressure Transportation Vessels 

- 316L Stainless -

Rugged Alloy Products UN pressure vessels are designed and built to perform reliably for the world's most demanding users, in challenging transport situations around the globe. They live up to rigorous United Nations standards and Alloy Products' reputation for quality and long life. All APC vessels' pressure ratings and temperatures are designated in psi/bar and Fahrenheit/Centigrade. 

The UN certification test of reusable non-bulk packaging is so stringent, it is recognized worldwide as a performance standard (replacing D.O.T.5A certification). 

This pressure vessel comes with 5 fittings.  4 are 1/4 NPT, one with a siphon tube and the central fitting is a 1.5" ID flanged and 0-ringed closure for easy cleaning and filling.

Protective Skirts & Chines: Added features provide sturdy, stable footing for your UN pressure vesses, and protect it against harsh environments and the rigors of frequent transport. 

* Impact-resistant rubber skirts are standard on 9"- diameter UN pressure vessels. 
* Ring chimes make it easier to transport vessels and protect fittings and other components during vessel shipment and use. 

Vessels are removed from service.

The 82-05 is available in nickel plated 304 or passivated 316L

Capacity "A"  Height  Shipping 
Liter Gallon MM Inches KG
82-02 7.6 2 340 13.38 6.0
82-05* 19.0 5 616 24.25 9.1
* Shown in image below
Type of Stainless
Max Operating Temp Max Pressure

Type 304 100 37.8 190 13.1
Type 316L 100 37.8 155 10.7

The big hex fitting in the center of this photo is gasketed and removable.  The 1/4 NPT siphon tube is shown in the 10 o'clock position.

Major ID is 9.60"

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