Data Acquisition Package 03
Data Acquisition Package 03 

Data Acquisition Package 03

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Perfect for characterizing your propellant or collecting data from test firings.

Integration includes:

our Aerocon Amp LCA1 Single Channel Instrument Amplifier

20kG, 50kG, 100kG  Load Cell - Your choice of one. 

SuperDAQ03 14 bit Four Channel Data Acquistion Module with Windows software, USB cable, and nifty screwdriver

Complete instructions

The only thing you supply is two 9 V batteries, data cable,and a Windows compatible computer system. Optional Data Cable Instrument cable is available separately.

Because load cells are more accurate over a specific range of force we recommend getting the lowest and highest force load cell anticipated. For example, bench testing the DAQ system with the 20 kG load cell is very easy. Hand pressure on the cell registers easily. If you anticipate having a 400 kG load then you will also want a 500 kG load cell.

Load Cell Highlights:

The package includes a force single point shear beam load cell. Mount one end of the load cell in a fixture of your choice and apply force to the other end. As the load cell bends under force the signal through the bridge changes in a way that can be sensed by electronics.


Non-linearity(%F.S) : .03%

Hysteresis(%F.S) : .03%

Repeatability(%F.S): .02%

Output Resistance: 350 ohms

Single Channel Amplifier Highlights:

A simple yet sophisticated amplifier for millivolt load cells and pressure transducers.

Perfect for 2 and 3 mV/V load cells and transducers


  • Precision design and quality construction.
  • Versatile and completely adjustable, customize your gain, balance, and offset to your specific needs.
  • High Quality Euro style screw terminals for input, output, and power.
  • Excellent front end for popular data acquisition (DAQ) modules such as Dataq and many others.
  • Bipolar output for full +/- 10 volt swing to input of DAQ module resulting in maximum DAQ resolution.
  • Eliminates need to modify DAQ for single ended or half resolution operation. +/- 9 volt to +/- 12 volt DC power.
  • Low power consumption, suitable for short term battery operation, 20 to 30 mA typical.
  • Configurable for full bridge or half bridge operation, half bridge operation includes a zero balance adjustment.
  • Half bridge configuration is handy for basic “home brew” two element load cells and for connection to low cost, three wire bathroom scale cantilever mounted strain gauges.
  • Stable when driving high capacitance long coaxial or shielded output cable. Internal precision 5 volt reference source for driving half or full bridge load cells and pressure transducers.
  • Configurable for popular 100 millivolt, 4 wire pressure transducers.
  • 500 Hz bandwidth typical for load cells and pressure transducers.
  • Output noise of 1.3 mV rms typical for load cell configuration.
  • Output short circuit protected.
DAQ03 Highlights: 

  • Four armored analog differential inputs
    • Programmable range per channel: ±2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 V full scale
    • Up to 120 V rms without damage
    • 80 dB common mode rejection
  • Supports ChannelStretch™ multi-unit synchronization
  • Adaptable low-pass filter per channel
    • Corner frequency set as a function of sampling rate
  • 14-bit analog-to-digital resolution
  • 160 kHz sample throughput rate
  • Seven digital ports
    • Programmable per port as input or switch
    • Support for rate measurements to 50 kHz
    • Support for 16-bit counter

Analog Subsystem
DAQ03 delivers premium analog performance at a surprisingly affordable price. Four analog input channels provide differential measurement flexibility and programmable ranges per channel of ±2, ±5, ±10, ±20, ±50, and ±100 V full scale. The differential input configuration provides noise rejection, easily adapts to single-ended signal sources, and is protected to 120 V rms so that inevitable measurement mishaps will not harm the instrument. The front end feeds a variable resolution, 14-bit ADC that ranges from 12 to 14 bits as a function of sampling rate. Lower sampling rates deliver higher resolution readings. The maximum sampling throughput rate of the DAQ03 is 160 kHz, providing 12 bits of resolution. Below 40 kHz the instrument provides 14-bit measurement resolution. Rounding off the analog subsystem are low-pass filters per channel with automatic corner frequency selection as a function of sampling rate. All these features combine to provide pure data acquisition power at an unmatched price point.

Digital I/O Subsystem
The DAQ03  provides 7 digital ports, each configurable as an input or a switch. Input protection is provided to 25 V. When activated as inputs two ports allow dual functionality as discrete inputs, or can be programmed as a counter or rate input respectively. The rate input features a 50 kHz maximum measurement, allocated over twelve programmable measurement ranges (10 Hz to 50 kHz full scale.) The counter input provides 16-bit resolution and a terminal count value of 65,535. The discrete, counter, and rate inputs are members of the same internal scan list used by the analog input channels. This means that all enabled elements are acquired synchronously, which allows meaningful comparisons between analog and digital channels. For example, the rate input measuring engine speed allows rpm data to be acquired in lock-step with analog data. Configured as a switch a digital

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