Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty

Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty

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An extremely inexpensive and heat resistant cold curing rocket nozzle material. Just add water then cast into your desired shape. Can be machined after cure.

Durham's Water Putty is a plaster based compound, however it includes other materials that impart the following characteristics:

  • It contains a material to increase the hardness and better bind the product together. This also imparts a smoother and almost "glazed" surface and increases the ability to adhere to surfaces.
  • It contains a material to inprove the smoothness of the mixture, improving the surface smoothness characteristics and help it pick up more detail in casting and molding operations.
  • It contains a material that slightly colors it to its light yellow color.

The formulation is a trade secret, but in general, Durham's makes an excellent repair and casting medium because it provides a very smooth, strong, and stable result that is easily workable when wet, does not shrink, adheres well in all sorts of voids, and is able to reliably replicate detailed surfaces.

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