Flashbulbs AG1

Flashbulbs AG1

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Most bulbs are in original cartons or packaging. Bulbs are by various manufacturers.

Flashbulbs are magnesium filaments  contained in glass bulbs filled with oxygen gas, and electrically ignited by a contact in the camera shutter or external low voltage power source. Such a bulb can only be used once, and is too hot to handle immediately after use, but the confinement of what would otherwise be a small explosion.

The difference between AG1 and AG1B bulbs is a blue plastic coating on the bulb glass, there is no other functional difference besides coloration.  The blue bulb was used to simulate daylight when used with flash photography to match the spectral quality to daylight-balanced color film and to make it look more moderate, as well as providing shielding for the bulb in the unlikely event of its shattering during the flash.

We will ship either AG1 or AG1B unless you specifically ask for either bulb.

If you prefer a narrower bulb check out the flashcubes. A bit of cutting is necessary to extract the bulbs but the price makes this worthwhile.  Here is an interesting article on using flashbulbs in rocket ejection charge systems, Rocketry Planet.

SIZE Quantity
AG1 12 bulbs per pack
Glass Baseless
AG1B  12 bulbs per pack
Glass Baseless
Flash Cubes 1 unit  /  4 bulbs per cube
plastic with index

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