Guided Missiles, US Air Force

Guided Missiles, US Air Force

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Operations, Design, and Theory

With a forward by Lt. Gen Charles T Myers, USAF

From the dust jacket:

Here is a technical guide and reference book for all concerned with the handling and operation of guided missiles and the training of personnel for this purpose.

Aerodynamics, propulsion, instrumentation, and electronic control and guidance systems are covered as they relate to the guided missiles field, and methods are given for the operation, maintenance, and inspection of guided missiles control and guidance systems.

Topics include the story of guided missiles, aerodynamics of guided missiles, propulsion of guided missiles, physics involved in guided missile design, components of guided missile guidance systems, trajectory considerations of guided missiles, guided missile guidance systems, guided missile tactics, and guided missile instrumentation.

The book is essentially a primer in a field where science and technology move in their highest form.

This book was originally published in 1958 and there are a couple of revisions through 1962.  While not being completely current or state-of-the-art this interesting book gives some wonderful glimpses into the technology of the day, most of which is still applicable today.  The mathematical references included and system functionality descriptions are very similar to what's seen in the missiles of our current era.  An excellent read.


575 pages

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