History of Shaped Charges

History of Shaped Charges

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by Donald R. Kennedy

Here are 130 pages of the REAL STUFF! 

A complete description from the first understanding of how this incredibly powerful and effective technique works, through the current world wide technology advances. Here are German WWII designs, Russian designs, Israeli, and, of course, designs from the USA.

Don Kennedy details the history and origins of shaped charges and straightens out some of the misconceptions surrounding the concept.  His research topics date all the way back to 1792!

Patents are not only cited, but copies included. You will marvel at the German Mistel, the world's largest shaped charge made to penetrate 68 feet of concrete! The experiments of Charles Munrow, Tomanek, Mohaupt.

Specific designs are included in prolifery: the origin of the Bazooka, LAW, Maverick, DART, Hammer Grenade, etc.

The "Vaporific" effect is discussed; this is similar to FAE and its origin will surprise you.

See 300 foot arcs of screaming hot aluminum obliterate tanks, bunkers, airframes and anything else they had kicking around at China Lake.

All this in a full-page format with a sturdy binding, an essential for any enthusiast's library.

Take a look at page 105 for an idea of the photographs contained within, about 80K .jpg

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