Hybrid Design Program

Hybrid Design Program

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Hybrid Design Program

by Rational Technology

Hybrid Design Program (HDP) is a program that helps you design hybrid rocket motors. It calculates numerous parameters and simulates the burn of the motor. 

Tired of the same old solid motor "Install motor, push button, recover rocket, repeat as necessary" weekend?  Want to experience the thrill of rocket science and explore propulsion fundamentals?  BATFE blues in your area got you down?  Hybrid rocket motors are a wonderful way to explore alternate technologies and HDP is your window to that world.




Hybrid Design Program helps you design hybrid rocket motors by calculating all the essentials you need to build your motor. 

If you have ever designed a hybrid motor without a computer program, you will know how hard it is to predict how the motor will behave. With HDP you can quickly evaluate numerous designs and chose the one that works best. 

HDP features a user friendly and efficient graphical user interface. You can get started quickly by examining the included example motor files. 

HDP is flexible! It will not limit you to a particular fuel or oxidizer. It works equally well with small and large motors and short and long burn times. 

Data Entry and Parameter Adjustment Screen

Thrust Profile Screen

Tabular Reference and Materials Screen

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More of HDP's Features:

-Fuel regression rate, ox/fuel ratio, oxidizer mass flux and port diameter are calculated for the entire burn with user selectable resolution from 1ms to 1 second. (1-10ms recomended.) 
-Number of time steps to display can be chosen independently of time resolution of simulation. 
-Calculates size of injector orifice(s). 
-Calculates throat diameter as well as other dimensions of the nozzle and estimates nozzle performance. 
-Estimates performance of motor. 
-Single or multiple fuel ports. 
-Calculates dimensions of monotube motors or separate oxidizer tank. 
-Calculates amount of N2O needed to pressurize the nitrous tank. (For motors using N2O). 
-Graphical representation of burn parameters, inlcluding port diameter, mass flux and thrust. 
-Easy and efficient graphical user interface. 
-Saves and opens motor files. 
-Exports thrust curves in .eng format compatible with wRASP and RockSim. 
-Exports thrust curves in .thr format compatible with Launch. 
-Prints motor parameters and simulation data. 
-Uses metric or English units. 
-Simulates the effect of a constantly droping tank pressure. 
-Select fuel from list to insert a and n values. 

Setting Up HDP:

HDP runs on any PC with a screen resolution of 800x600 or more. 
Requires Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/NT4/Vista/7

Insert CD-ROM into computer
To install: Run the file "hdp_setup.exe"

If you have a previous version of HDP installed:
-Make a backup of the files in you HDP folder.
-Install HDP into the same folder as the older version.

If this method does not work, try one of these methods:
-Install into another folder.
-Uninstall HDP before installing the new version.


To install: Download the file and run it. You will be asked where to extract the content. Choose the folder where HDP 1.1.1 is installed and answer 'Yes' if asked to overwrite.


If you don't receive the code via email, please contact us.

What's new in HDP version 1.1.2:
-Corrects problem with pressure graph.

What's new in HDP version 1.1.1:
-Error causing crash when minimizing fixed.
-Missing .ocx file added.
-Simulation now updates O/F ratio on the main screen.

What's new in HDP version 1.1.0:
-Improved graphs.
-Potential problems with the motor, such as to high mass flux, now shown in a seperate box instead of together with the burn summary.
-Error in injector area corrected.
-No longer chrashed when printing burns >32sec.
-Several minor bug fixes.

What's new in HDP version 1.0.7:
-New feature: Export thrust curves compatible with wRASP and RockSim.
-New feature: Export thrust curved compatible with Launch.
-Error in nozzle exit area when using english units corrected.
-Problem with configuration files being stored in the last used directory instead of the directory where HDP is installed has been corrected.
-Minor bug in .hmf file format corrected.

What's new in HDP version 1.0.6:
- Error in the thrust calculations corrected.
- Problem opening the help file more than once fixed.

About Rational Technologies

Rational Technology is a new company specializing in reliable and economical software and hardware for builders of rockets and related systems. 

Other products are under development. The first to be made available will be a very economical data logging system. It can be used with load cells, pressure transducers and other sensors outputting a signal as low as 0-20mV or as high as 0-5V. It does not require a separate amplifier. It also includes a 10v power supply for your sensor. The software will be open source to allow customizing. The price has not been set yet, but it will be far lower than any other system that allows you to log data from a load cell or other mV-range sensor. 

rocket motor photo courtesy Joe Mullin, Dave Griffith

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