Model 1053 Dome Loaded Reducing Regulator

Model 1053 Dome Loaded Reducing Regulator

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 The model 1053 regulator is a dome loaded, vented regulator with an adjustable spring bias. It is very similar the our 415-400 regulator with the added capability of receiving a dome loading pressure.

Regulation accuracy is much better than spring loaded regulators since a larger sensing piston can be used. The regulator uses the same time proven valve cartridge and vent system used on our 415 Series regulators. The valve cartridge contains the valve seat, poppet, seals, and filtration system in a factory cleaned and assembled unit. Consequently in-field servicing, should it be required, is reduced to the fast, simple task of replacing this inexpensive cartridge.

Optionally the regulator uses a 0 to 200 or 0 to 400 biasing spring. The spring bias feature permits use in a number of special applications. For example, when used to supply sealing gas to pump shaft seals the seals can be maintained at a slightly higher pressure than process stream pressure.

Consult the factory for other application details.

An optional mounting ring (part number 657) permits panel mounting.


• Maximum pressure
inlet 6000 PSI (40 MPa)
outlet 4000 PSI
dome 4000 PSI
• Ports
inlet - 1/4" FNPT
outlet 1/4 FNPT
gauge 1/4- FNPT
• Flow coefficient (Cv) ------ .06 (.08" orifice)
• Materials body: anodized aluminum; internals: brass & stainless; seals: Viton(TM) & KEL-F
• Outlet pressure variation --- 6 PSI increase per with inlet pressure 1000 PSI drop in inlet pressure
• Spring bias options -- 0 to 400 PSI adjustable
• Size 2.25" dia. x 5.6" long

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