Model 1181 6,000 PSI Flow Controller

Model 1181 6,000 PSI Flow Controller

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Model 1181 6,000 PSI Flow Controller

The Model 1181 restricts flow when the inlet pressure is high and gradually opens as inlet pressure decreases. If maximum restriction is desired at 5000 PSI, tighten the adjusting bolt approximately 3 turns beyond the point where it starts compressing the spring. Under this condition maximum valve opening will be reached when the inlet pressure drops to about 3000 PSI. If the adjusting bolt is tightened to where it starts compressing the spring and no more maximum restriction will occur at about 2000 PSI and full opening will be at 0 PSI. The inlet is the female NPT port at the side of the valve. The outlet is the male NPT at the bottom of the valve. It can be mounted using either the upper .25" threaded section and lock nuts (part number 952) or the lower 1 inch jam nut.


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