Model 1262 6,000 PSI Amplifying Regulator

Model 1262 6,000 PSI Amplifying Regulator

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AE Model 1262 Component Operation and Maintenance Sheets -Click to follow


The model 1262 is a reducing regulator wherein outlet pressure is controlled by lower pressure control air applied to the control port.

Outlet or regulated pressure will be 45 times the control pressure used. Lesser ratios are available using larger sensing pistons. This permits using shop air or other low pressure source to provide on accurately controlled high pressure regulator.

By using air rather than a spring to set pressure the regulator can be controlled remotely and pressure changes can be mode much more rapidly and accurately. The regulator also permits the use of electronic feed-bock from on outlet pressure sensor. This further improves accuracy.

The regulator is also available with two inlet and two outlet ports similar to the 415 series regulator.


• Maximum inlet pressure 6000 PSI (40 MPa)
• Outlet pressure 0 to 6000 PSI
• Flow coefficient Cv 0.05 (equivalent to 0.06" orifice)
• Rise of outiet pressure with drop of inlet rise  50 PSI/1000 PSI
• Materials - body and cap: aluminum; Internals: brass and aluminum; seals: Delrin, Buna N, Viton
• Fillings
   1/4 MNPT inlet
   1/4 FMPT outlet and control
   1/8 FNPT vent
• Size 3" dia. x 4.75" high


• Accurate regulation or high pressure air or gas using low pressure control air and associated inexpensive components
• Remote Or computer control ol high pressure air or gas
• Controlled pressure for injection molding equipment
• Instrumentation and calibration panels
• Process industry control
• Aircraft service

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