Model 585  5,000 PSI Visual Indicator

Model 585 5,000 PSI Visual Indicator

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Model 585  5,000 PSI  Visual Indicator



The visual indicator allows an operator to see a moisture indicating card in the high pressure line.
The cards are seen through a high strength plastic window.
The moisture card is divided into sections which progressively change color from blue to pink as moisture increases. Alternately other visual color changing indicators including a carbon monoxide indicator are available. Moisture indication tells when to change chemical drying cartridges.

Normally cartridges should be changed when the indicator shows 40 to 60% relative humidity downstream of the dryer.
Under high pressure, 60% relative humidity is still very dry air. For example, 3000 PSI air with a relative humidity of 60% has a dew point of -480 F. The indicator cards are easily removed and changed from the front of the unit.

No access to the back of the unit or disconnecting of lines is required. No tools are required. Pressure must be released before opening.

Indicator card, part number 592-5, shows relative humidities of 40 and 60%.

Indicator, part number 592-6, shows both relative humidity and dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in the air stream. However, the carbon monoxide indicator responds slowly over a period of several minutes so only provides an adequate warning for slowly changing conditions. Consequently it should be considered only a back-up to faster responding electronic instruments if sudden carbon monoxide build ups can occur.

Consult the factory for further details.

• Maximum pressure rating ---- 5000 PSI
• Inlet & outlet ports 1/4" female NPT
• Size 1 1/2" dia. x 2 1/4" with 1/2" dia view port
• Humidity indicator shows when humidity exceeds 20, 40, and 60%
• Carbon monoxide indicator shows when CO exceeds about 100 PPM


• Humidity indicators in high pressure air lines
• Dryer / filter unit change indicators
• High pressure compressors
• High or low pressure air stations
• High or low pressure process industry lines and systems
• Instrument and high purity air lines

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