Model 592 Humidity and CO Elements for Model 585

Model 592 Humidity and CO Elements for Model 585

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Model 592 Humidity and CO Elements

Humidity Element - Part Number 592-5

The humidity element comes packages in aluminum and plastic wrap. It should be kept packaged until ready for use.

A small packet of drying agent is included to keep the element dry. The element is a 3/4 inch (2 cm) long strip of indicating paper. The active side is divided into two parts which turn from blue to pink at 40 and 60% relative humidity.

The strip is installed in the indicator housing with the active side (blue side) directly against the window. The entire
active side should be a blue color when installed.
When reinstalling the housing cap, insure the spring is in place that holds the indicator against the window.

Tighten the cap hand tight. During use the card indicates increasing moisture content in the air stream by turning pink. When relative humidity (R.H.) reaches 40% half the strip turns pink and at 60% R.H. the entire strip turns pink.

The element thus tells the air system operator when to change drying cartridges in the air line. Normally cartridges should be changed before 60% R.H. is reached. It is recommended that a fresh 592-5 element be used if the old element has turned pink.

Humidity/CO Element - Part Number 592-6

Same as Humidity element above but indicator slowly changes color, over a period of several minutes, indicating CO levels above 100 PPM.


Both elements come foil sealed in packages of 10 each.

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