Model 708  SCBA Fill Adaptors

Model 708 SCBA Fill Adaptors

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Model 708  SCBA Fill Adaptors



The model 708 S.C.B.A. (self contained breathing apparatus) fill adapter is designed to fill only 4500 PSI S.C.B.A. cylinders. If accidentally attached to the more common 2215 PSI cylinder a unique internal vent mechanism opens and prevents the cylinder from filling. Thus the danger of an inexperienced operator attaching a low pressure cylinder to a higher pressure line is eliminated.

Many fire stations, and other facilities using S.C.B.A. systems have both the lower pressure 12215 PSI) and higher pressure (4500 PSI) cylinders. Here filling lines with proper relief valves and pressure regulation are provided for both the higher and lower pressure cylinders. Unfortunately both types of cylinders have the same thread connection. Before the introduction of the 708 fill adapter by Aqua Environment standard fill adapters on the higher pressure line could be attached to the lower pressure cylinders resulting in overfills, ruptured burst discs, or worse.

The model 835 fill adapter is a straight adapter without the relief feature. It can housed to fill either the 4500 or 2215 PSI cylinders thus is normally used only on the lower pressure fill line. In facilities where both high and lower pressure fill lines are provided the 708 and 835 adapters can provide a matched set.

The 708 is silver anodized and the 835 is gold anodized and slightly shorter. Both adapters use a unique 0 ring sealed tip. Light finger tightening assures a complete bubble tight seal to the cylinder valve even when the valve seating area has been somewhat scratched or dented.


• Pressure rating 6000 PSI (40 PMa)
• Inlet — 1/4" male NPT
• Materials anodized aluminum, Buna N seals
• Fits standard CGA valves
• Model 708 seals on 4500 PSI cylinder valves but vents on lower pressure cyinders
• Model 835 seals on either type of cylinder


• Cylinder charging stations
• Mobile and stationary fire fighting facilities
• Connection to, filling, and transferring from CGA cylinders

AE Model Component Operation and Maintenance Sheets -Click to follow

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