Model 712  6000 PSI Bleed Valve

Model 712 6000 PSI Bleed Valve

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Model 712  6000 PSI Bleed Valves


Bleed valves are designed to vent high pressure from charging lines, fillers, separators and other volumes where pressure must be relieved to disconnect lines. tanks, etc. The model 712 is for in line use. The model 1584 has a single pipe thread connection and can be used as a separator drain valve or a bleed valve. Both valves use an exclusive seal design with a captured teflon seal. Unlike other bleed valves they can be open and shut many thousands of times even in relatively dirty systems without loss of sealing ability. Light finger pressure is all that's required to effect a complete seal at pressures to 6000 PSI. Over torquing the valve will not damage the seal. Flow through the 712 valve can be in either direction.

• Pressure rating 6000 PSI
• Fittings: Model 712 - 1/4" male & 1/4" female pipe thread; Model 1584 - 1/4- male pipe thread
• Materials body anodized aluminum, seal teflon
• Size Model 712 --- 7/8- hex body x 1.6" lg; Model 1584 7/8- diameter x 1.5- lg
• Vent hole size --------- .047 diameter


• Bleed valves on charging lines
• Bleed valves on lines at air fill stations
• Bleed valves on filters to permit filter changing
• Drain valves on separators
• Pressure bleed to permit disconnecting 0-ring sealed linings

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