Model 907 5,000 PSI by 6,000 PSI Unloader Valve
Model 907 5,000 PSI by 6,000 PSI Unloader Valve 

Model 907 5,000 PSI by 6,000 PSI Unloader Valve

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Model 907 5,000 PSI by 6,000 PSI Unloader Valve





The 907 unloader valve uses a low control pressure to shut oil a high pressure line such as a compressor discharge. The control pressure could be low pressure shop air. air or gas from a compressor interstage line, or pressure generated by a compressor oil pump to mention a few possibilities.
The primary use of these valves is to relieve pressure in compressor interstage and discharge piping when it is shut down so it can be restarted without a load. When control pressure to the valve is released, the valve opens.

The model 907 requires 70 PSI control pressure to close a 6000 PSI line. The model 907 will take control pressures as high as 5000 PSI without damage. The model 907 vent can be piped away via the 1/8" pipe thread side port. The 907 has internal filtration and over pressure protected soft seats to insure long term, bubble tight, reliable operation.

• Maximum rated pressure ...... 6000 PSI (40 MPa)
• Maximum control pressure 5000 PSI
• Minimum control pressure
  70 PSI at 6000 PSI
  50 PSI at 4000 PSI
  25 PSI at 2000 PSI
• Flow capacity  model 907 Cv - .06 (06" orifice)
• Inlet filtration 20 micron
• Materials seals: KEL-F, nylon, Viton, body: anodized aluminum internals: brass, stainless steel
• Ports
    inlet 1/4" male NPT
    Control 1/4" male NPT
    outlet  1/8' female NPT
• Size 1.5" dia. 3.5" long


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