Nylon 9 Volt Battery Holder

Nylon 9 Volt Battery Holder

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Dual connections: P.C.B. spills and 2.8 series tabs/solder tags
PCB spills may be removed with snips if required.
Operating temperature: -30 C to +70 C
Body: Glass Filled Nylon
Contacts: Nickel Silver, clean


2 screw holes are provided for mounting in avionics bay or on airframe. There are solder tabs on both sides of the holder. 1 set for through hole PC mounting (bottom left of the above image barely visible) and 1 set for direct wire soldering (bottom right of above image). Snip off the set you don't want or bend them over to get them out of the way.

Once installed simply slide a couple of zipties under the holder and around the battery to keep it in place. Double stick tape applied to the battery prior to installation of the zipties are the strongest and most secure method of keeping the battery in place while your project experiences high g loads.

Above image shows dimensions in MM

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