Parachute Deployment Bag

Parachute Deployment Bag

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Attach bag to apex of parachute on a separate tether using the strap sewn to the inside of bag. If your chute doesn't have a line at the apex and it has no spill hole, email me for a workaround to your perdikament. There's an easy trick to fix this.

To pack parachute in bag, lay flat, spike the apex, fold the skirt in on itself, stuff into bag, install rubber bands on suspension lines to keep them from tangling, loop one suspension line through the eyelets on the bag, attach riser to bridle, fly rocket. Powdering the bag is always a good idea.

To fit a larger or heavier weight parachute into the bag, put the bag into a plastic bag. Start stuffing parachute into bag, take your vacuum cleaner and pull the air out of the bag as you stuff it. Parachute should still be able to fall from bag when the bag is held with arm outstretched from pilot chute riser. 

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