Parachute Manual - Vol 2 by Dan Poynter

Parachute Manual - Vol 2 by Dan Poynter

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The Parachute Manual, Volumes One and Two

"The Complete Parachute Encyclopedia"

Here is everything there is to know about personnel parachutes from the earliest round models to the latest, most advanced gliding wings:

  • Repair
  • Design
  • Rigging
  • Packing
  • Loft layout
  • Regulations
  • Rigging tools
  • Manufacture
  • How to get a rigging certificate
  • All personnel parachute assemblies and parts
  • Materials: fabric, tapes, webbing, thread, hardware, etc.
  • Manufacturer change notices/updates and FAA Airworthiness Directives
  • References, resources and much, much more

Volume I covers all parachutes through 1984 plus historical information, round canopies and U.S. military parachutes.
Volume II covers all parachutes since 1985 plus more on "square" ram-air canopies, sport piggyback harness/container systems, new materials and construction techniques.

"When it comes to parachute rigging and repair, this book is the Bible." óSandy Reid, Rigging Innovations.

"Here is an outstanding and exhaustive study of ram-air parachutes." óTheo Knacke, parachute designer.
"Dan Poynter has contributed more to parachute literature than any other author." óDan Tarasievich, President, Parachute Industry Association.

Dan Poynter is a parachute designer, master parachute rigger, pilot and teacher of parachute repair with over 1,200 jumps. Since 1962, his mission has been to improve the industry through the publication of helpful and useful information on parachutes. To date, he has contributed 29 books, including revisions, and more than 200 magazine articles on parachutes.

These handy references will provide you with everything there is to know about parachutes.

Table of Contents

Chapter One
Parachute Regulations

Chapter Two
The Parachute Rigger's Certificate

Chapter Three
The Parachute Loft

Chapter Four
Parachute Materials

Chapter Five
Personnel Parachute Assemblies

Chapter Six
Parachute Component Parts

Chapter Seven
Maintenance, Alteration & Manufacturing

Chapter Eight
Parachute Design & Construction

Chapter Nine
Parachute Inspection and Packing


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Reviews and Testimonials

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The Parachute Manual  By Dan Poynter

"The definitive work on the history, development, design; repair and maintenance of parachute equipment" - Aviation/Space magazine.

"The most comprehensive work on the jungle of parachutes and parachute hardware ever placed in one stack. Dan fills in all the gaps left between documented nostalgia and modern technique with his own vast knowledge of parachuting. The Parachute Manual has become the standard reference in both design and manufacturing work for all aspects of personnel parachutes, mater.ials, design, hardware, packing and construction for both military and civilian systems" - Survival And Flight Equipment Journal

"The Parachute Manual is being used as a guide throughout the aviation branch of the Coast Guard. I might say, it is the most informative I have seen in my 23 years service" - MCPO C.J. Dugan, USCG Institute.

"This new manual is an essential addition to the literature." - Royal Aeronautical Society, Aerospace magazine.

"This well-known aviation reference has been accepted as the authority on parachutes by nearly every manufacturer and government." - Aviation/Space Writers Association, AWA Newsletter.

"Poynter puts the technical part of parachute design and construction in plain language that non-engineers can understand." - Skydiving Magazine.

"This is a book a parascender can browse through for hours." - British Association of Parascending Clubs Skywalker magazine.

"A must if you have any interest at all in parachutes and related equipment" - Canadian Parachutist Magazine.

"No one has written more than Dan Poynter about the technical aspects of parachuting equipment. For 30 years, he's been totally committed to parachuting, flying and rigging. The Parachute Manual has already established itself as the ultimate authority on parachute equipment. It is certainly the rigger's 'Bible'. I make no apology for repeating that I believe every club ought to have a copy and that all club members be encouraged to devour its contents." - British Sport Parachutist magazine.

"If there is a scrap of information about a parachute, past or present, which has escaped the indomitable search of author-publisher Poynter, it must be still blowin' in the wind." - The Fayetteville Observer-Times.

"The Parachute Manual is definitely everything you wanted to know about parachutes but were afraid to ask. I feel the manual is a must for every jumper, not just riggers" - Southwest Skydiving Newsletter.

"A valuable reference for riggers, parachute lofts and anyone who is interested in gaining knowledge about parachute equipment." - Relative Wind newsletter.

After a fourth revised printing, over 25,000 copies are in print.

The Parachute Manual has been selected by the U.S. Parachute Association for offer to its members.

PM has been mentioned in Aviation Monthly (HBJ), Parachutist, The Madison Review of Books, Explorers Limited Source Book, SAFE Journal, Quincy (MA) Sun, Fallschirm Sport Magazin, The Static Line, Parachutist magazine, and many other periodicals.

Dan Poynter is past president of the Parachute Industry Association, past Chairman of the Board of the U.S. Parachute Association, an expert parachutist with all the highest licenses and ratings, pilot and a master parachute rigger who has written more books on parachutes and skydiving than any other author. He has made more than 1,200 jumps since 1962.

Over the years he has written and published more than 75 books, 50 reports, 500 magazine articles, 10 audiotapes, videotapes, CDs and disks. His books have been translated into seven other languages.

Dan Poynter's seminars have been featured on CNN, his books have been pictured in The Wall Street Journal and his story has been told and U.S. News & World Report. The media comes to him because he is the leading authority in this field.

Dan made the North Pole jump in 1994 and directed the International Parachute Symposium in 1997 and 1999.

Dan is one of skydiving's most energetic, experienced and respected leaders. He resides in Santa Barbara, California.

Para Publishing was founded in 1969 to collect, process, publish and disseminate critical safety information on parachute design and skydiving techniques. Initially in North Quincy, Massachusetts, it was moved to Santa Barbara in 1974. The company expanded into other books, tapes, reports, disks, seminars, speeches, consulting, etc. on other subjects. It published the first book on hang gliding, a circular book on Frisbee play, the first book on word processors, the first laser-typeset book, it was the first publisher to send galleys by modem, published the first book on speech recognition for writers and many other firsts. The company publishes several authors and most of Dan Poynter's work.

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