Shooters Wire 2 Conductor - 22 gauge

Shooters Wire 2 Conductor - 22 gauge

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22 gauge Two Conductor Famous Maker Solid Core Copper Wire

Also called "Shooter's Wire" for its use in the blasting and pyrotechnic industry


Yellow and yellow-red conductor markings on zippable wire, insulation can be stripped just using your fingernails.

When used with our 34 ga Nichrome wire and wire wrap tool the user can inexpensively make electric match hot wire igniters for pennies apiece.


Available as 100 foot coil or 500 foot spool.


If you are making hot wire style igniters see this terrific tutorial on making them using 34 gauge Nichrome, our 22 ga Shooter Wire, and our wire wrapping tool.

Hot Wire Igniter tutorial - opens in new window

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