Special 1 Nosecone and Boattail

Special 1 Nosecone and Boattail

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One Only!

This is a huge nosecone and boattail assembly that purportedly was slung under the wing of a B-52 and used as a camera pod.  It's professionally made from fiberglass by some unknown aerospace company with plywod bulkheads, probably cost us taxpayers many thousands of dollars.  The nosecone is 18" in diameter and about 60" long.  The boattail is 18" in diameter at the large end and about 12" diameter at the smaller end.  I was originally going to build a scale version of a Black Brandt but too many projects put this one in storage.  

Asking $400 but any reasonable offer will be considered.  Contact us for more details.

Components are in as-is condition

The boat tail has a centering ring installed and weighs about 14 pounds x 18" diameter x 30" tall.

Shipped weight is 19 pounds

The nosecone has a centering ring installed and weighs about 20 pound x 18" diameter x ~65" tall.

Shipped weight is 28 pounds

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