Wire Wrapping Tool

Wire Wrapping Tool

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The Aerocon Systems Wire wrap tool  is a device used to securely attach to points for electrical or data contact. 

For our application it is used to wrap nichrome wire around our duplex shooters wire to form a electrical hot wire igniter.

A "wire wrap tool" has two holes. The wire are placed in a hole near the edge of the tool. The hole in the center of the tool is placed over the post or exposed lead of two conductor shooters wire. The tool is rapidly twisted. The result is that 5 to 6 turns of wire is wrapped around the post or shooters wire.

If you are making hot wire style igniters see this terrific tutorial on making them using 34 gauge Nichrome, our 22 ga Shooter Wire, and our wire wrapping tool.

Hot Wire Igniter tutorial - opens in new window

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